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Enhance your Space and Make a Statement

StandExe designs and builds double decker exhibition stands. Our double decker exhibition stands are magnanimous in design and construction. It adds an extra element and a great appeal to your space. Double decker exhibition stands invariably enhances increases your stand space and thereby the scope of branding and is to showcase your products.


We have been in the double decker trade show booth industry for two decades and are offering flawless services for the exhibition and trade shows. Just take a glance at some of our recent work given below.




Double Decker Stand Designs

Why Us?

If you are searching for something that will guarantee great customer, then your double storey stands are the right choice for you. StandExe has the technical design and construction expertise of double deck exhibits. Our design and projects team work in tandem with you to establish the most stunning double decker exhibition stand solution that helps you draw scores of customers to your booth.

Why StandExe is the Right Choice For You?

Double deck stand comprises two tiers. You can use the upper section for networking and private meetings while the lower tier can keep buzzing with customers. Our double deck exhibits are the perfect blend of design excellence and pragmatism.

StandExe is bespoke exhibition stand design and fabrication company engaged in offering complete 360º services associated with trade fairs for the clients. We work on your brief to conceptualize your vision.

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